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Hell's Handguide

8 February
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  • bacardiseraph
Sometimes these things just seem so usless...

Well I'm a energy-drink addict born and bred in the best city in the world, NYC, and I wouldn't change it for anything. NYC kicks ass and it always will. I attend a private, all-girls school - been there since K and not planning on leaving any time soon. Have a knack for picking fights which usually leave me with a healthy limp.

Movies are always good, watching stupid wanna-be "erotic" thrillers with your friends is even better.

I love traveling - my heart belongs to Rome and Venice. But I definitely adore other countries, cause you know, what bus tour is better then that of Dublin? Passing the Guinness factory and being told you get a free pint of beer despite your age? Fun times.

I'm something of an artist...and I really mean something. I can never really stay on one subject, but I definitely like the more mythical beasts. Especially dragons. You can check it out at my deviantart page *points at link* go there. Comment if you can.

I'm very content with my core group of friends and all the partaying and socializing just doesn't work for me sometimes. And by sometimes I mean most of the time.

Alright, this is the end of mini-bio. You want more?

Well, thats your problem, come find me. Free invatation. ^_~