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I'm really trying on the updating thing. Spring break was awesome, went out to California for the first week, then spent the last week at home, running around on old stomping grounds. Didn't get back to Brearley, but these things happen when you're super busy all the freaking time.

Classes are um...well. I'm working on it, slightly uninspiring, but with any luck I'll be taking Russian 101 next year and that will be so damn cool I don't even know what to do. I'd actually work at it because it'd be pretty damn cool.

And I'm not a fan of this weather at all.

Catching up with work this weekend and doing fun stuffs (hopefully).
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SO much stuff!

So this is the last week before my spring break starts (which consists of two glorious weeks, with the chance of losing some dignity but hopefully not too much) and I'm currently writing an english paper which I plan on finishing quite soon then I'm going to tackle my religion midterm (a takehome for the whole week! woot!) and then on Thursday I have my euro midterm. For some reason I'm associating the word doom with this midterm, and I'm not sure why but I'd like to think that this sort of doom is the good kind. You know, the kind that Gir sings while buzzing down to earth with Zim. And singing it for some hideous amount of time.

And now I'm procrastinating about this paper. Unacceptable! I go back to work now, and then more work! I always feel happier when I'm productive. Yay!
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I'm back.


All is going well, it's snowed so much recently! I enjoy the arbo in the snow. Shque.

Sorry, the breath strips in my toothpaste...drugged me or something. So I don't think I possess the ability to write.

I wonder if I can post images. Let me try. Hello T-Bone! Hello Cordelia! How goes it?

Apparently the picture thing isn't happening.

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B-Day + 3

I'm 19 now! I had a fun birthday, spent it with my friends and we watched all of the Jason Bourne movies with pizza, ice cream and a surprise birthday cake! Which was very tasty, indeed.

All is well in the world of ConnColl here, besides the fact that it is ridiculously cold today and there is so much wind! I had to go to the art center for my art class today (which is cool, I'm using power tools!) and no matter how you go, you're walking in a wind tunnel and it's SO FREAKING cold!

But enjoyable once I got there.

Since it seems that T-Bone is returning to livejournal, I will try my best to do the same.

There are squeaks emanating from the chimney.


I exist!


I feel slightly bad for not updating recently.

I'm back at college after a long break between semesters. All is going well, classes are quite enjoyable and it isn't an easy amount of work, but some of it is more enjoyable. This semester I'm in a religion class, history, english and art. Not much more I could ask for. Except if we didn't have to see "The Magic of Méliès". That was for history and it was a bit crazy.

Going out soon then off to spend hours in the art studio.

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Holy Crap! I've ignored you.

Wooo - so I haven't updated in just about forever. Literally. I'm sorry Cordelia, I will try to be better about this, well I don't know if you still read your friends page but with any luck you do!

Just a few nights ago I was reading through my journal and picking out the hilarious bits and reading them out to my buddies back at Conn and I was like, "You fool, why aren't you updating more?" So I thought that since I home, and I am procrastinating, that I should update. Yay Thanksgiving.

And food.

Yay for food!

School has been well, things are going well, I'm doing this for a record sort of thing so I can realize what I've been doing while I haven't been updating my journal. So...I have a roommate! And she's awesome, I hope she's having a good time wherever she is right now. And then there's my pseudo-roommate Lisa, and she should be happily baking somewhere with any luck.

Just did a lot of facebooking, hopefully people will write me back, I always feel loved when that happens and I'm being a terrible author, I really need to get back to writing my essay but I just don't find it super inspiring right now. Unfortunately.

Perhaps I will write this paragraph then take a shower, that sounds like a plan. Holy crap! I just realize that I don't have the quotes from my old cellphone, this is bad. GAH!

(heheh, I just found another reason to procrastinate)
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college stuff

I suppose it's Saturday - and definitely wrote starday and I think it should be left like that. Let me tell you, friday nights/really saturday mornings are something special.

I did two hours of euro last night and I'm going to do some comp politics and stats today, then get ahead for freshman seminar etc. I really should get on that, but lisa made me tea and now I'm happily in the common room.

I'm also exhausted, so this tea better damn well be stock full of caffeine.

I also don't really have that much to say but I'm really enjoying myself.

"I was going to talk about chairs, twinkies and democracy but..." - my comp. pol. professor
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You know, I knew that getting up so early was exactly so wrong because I wasn't really going to take a shower because I'm just like that. GodDAMN I want to go back to bed, I slept so well last night! So well! Besides that odd soreness in my elbow that was there a few minutes ago and now is gone.

Maybe I'll content myself by making some coffee.

Yum. Coffee.
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Tonight marks my first full week I've been at college and besides the weird throat thing that I've gotten which perhaps could be an allergic reaction so some sort of pollen here, it's been fanfreakingtastic. Damn straight.

Last night with maybe...15 people, we played Apples to Apples and in the end I think I won with five green cards, some of the funnier ones being: Feminists - Tame, The Internet - Earthy and a few others, twas quite fun. Then we were going to hook up liz's comp to the tv to watch beauty and the beast but it didn't work out, so we watched my disc of Shark Week instead.


Today is New London 101, which will be exciting I believe. We're heading off to the beach and I lack beach attire, so I'm working the halter top and skirt, which should be enough in my opinion.

And again, last night, got this unbearable charliehorse in my right calf and it hurts now but then I was just doing all I could not to bite straight through my lip. GodDAMN those hurt. I should stretch more.

But life is overall quite well, I finished up my stats homework due monday last night and this morning after breakfast I'm going to tackle some euro reading that's due tuesday.

Alright, I'll be back with a better update, but there are things to do!
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